To the anon asking about shifting: I’m a shifter too, and I’m always aware of it. I don’t know where the idea that you’re not supposed to be aware of a shift even comes from? I’ve never heard that anywhere except in like… goofy werewolf movies or something. Some people might not be aware of their shifts, but it’s an individual thing in both cases.

I think the idea came from people confusing shifts with ‘switching’, which is only experienced by multiples.

Hey, when you’re shifting, is it possible to still be aware of what you’re saying/doing/how your mannerisms have changed? For example, I am kin with Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad, and once in awhile, I will speak with her accent, and my walking habits change dramatically (I go from hunched shuffling to nearly bouncing along the pavement) Nothing particularly triggers the shifts from what I can tell (this is the first kin I’ve had where I’ve shifted multiple times)

Absolutely! I’m almost always aware when I’ve shifted!

Sorry if you’ve been asked this before, but do you know of any fictionkin communities that are for adults? Tumblr fictionkin community seems to be overwhelmingly minors and very few people are willing to interact with me, plus blogs like kinsdrama and other drama-based blogs make me feel particularly unsafe, even if I AM technically an adult and shouldn’t feel unsafe because of a minor’s behavior, but.. It’s complicated, but I also don’t want to entirely disconnect from fictionkin stuff

I’ve recently started a small, informal skype group for adult alterhumans, primarily fictionkin. If this is something you’re interested in, please contact me privately off…