I don’t have multiple fictotypes from one source, but rather multiple canons (two) for one fictotype. In one canon this one person wasn’t… very nice to say the least, and in my other canon they were one of the nicest people I knew. Having conflicting emotions about them makes for a rather… interesting experience.

That does sound interesting, and I can sympathize anon. Having experiences as the same person from multiple timelines can be confusing.

I can’t stand the tumblr otherkin community, but especially the fictionkin side where everyone claims a million different kins, think being otherkin is a mental illness / coping mechanism, etc. As a fictionkin, are there any better communities out there that aren’t full of the bs that tumblr in general offers, that is at the same time accepting of fictionkin and minors?

Sadly, right now the tumblr community is the most active community of fictionkin. There are some forums that are good (i recommend incanon.org) but even…

I hope my question makes sense. I already know that I’m fictionkin, but this is about a different fandom. I’ve felt pulled to this series since I was a really small kid, so much so that I was borderline obsessed with it before I even knew much about it. My obsession faded as I got older, but the series still holds an intense “pull” for me for no discernible reason, moreso than any other fandom (including the one I know I’m from). Should I consider the possibility of a kintype from this series?

Its possible, but its also possible that this is just a series that is meaningful to you. 🙂